Isabella’s Story

About Daudi

During my honeymoon where we stayed at a resort in Zanzibar, my husband and I were taken care of by a young African man named Daudi. His warm, loving, generous, reliable, service-oriented and creative character gave us an unforgettable wedding experience. When I left, I said to my husband, “If I ever start my own company, ‘Daudi’ will be the name.” Since April 1, 2019, that dream has become reality, where all the character traits of Daudi have been embodied.

Experience is key

A space with meaning

Daudi Concepts develops and creates interior design with a focus on experience. Every space has meaning; everything you hear, see, smell and feel together creates an immersive experience. This can inspire, captivate, retain and evoke emotional responses from the space’s inhabitants.

We apply this line of thought for both private individuals and commercial spaces in our interior and lighting concepts. Colours, shapes and materials in the interior play an important role across all of our projects. Daudi allows these elements to work together to create our trademark concepts.

This can be thematic design of a living space, but also the optimisation of work and presentation spaces in the business world or the development of unique retail concepts.

Daudi gives the spatial experience meaning!

Team synergy

How do we achieve our interior goals together?

1.Isabella and Hylke discovered a match made in heaven and complement each other seamlessly!

2.Our amazing team consists of young creatives and experienced professionals; it’s essential to have a multitude of perspectives!

3.The combination of the creative thinking skills and conceptual approach of the ‘young creatives’ coupled with our experts in furnishing, lighting and other spatial design of the experienced professionals gives our company the right dynamics to initiate and develop innovative and unique concepts.

4.Daudi strives to offer this young talent a platform that provides freedom and space for development and self-fulfillment.